Monthly Archives: August 2013

“State The Theme…”

…is a phrase that Duke Ellington used to introduce “Festival Junction” during his 1956 appearance at Newport (don’t take our word for it, check it out yo’sef!) and we’re now willing to do just that.

The theme for Open Mind Record Grind #013, a-happening on September Da Twelfth, is “No Way! They Did That Tune?” Or, Songs You Know, In Versions You Don’t.

The Rules of Play:

Your two selections must be songs that have made a Billboard singles chart at some time, tunes that every person over “a certain age” knows, or damn well should. ¬†But, the VERSION you offer up must be obscure.

So, if you love the Byrds’ milepost take on “Mr. Tambourine Man”, ahhh… Leave it out. We all know that one, and we’re not sure Bob’s version charted anyway, to be honest.

But if you showed your face with a copy of Persian icon Farhad Mehrad’s version of “Yesterday” under your wing, well, we’d be ¬†impressed.

To keep it legit, try to pick something off your own shelf, something that has SOME meaning to you, as opposed to trolling YouTube for a whack-job techno version of ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin'” (hey, we were let down enough by the original, right?). We want a great summary from the presenter, not just a great unknown version of a Top 40 smash.

As always, rules are made to be broken, and nobody will toss you out the door if you go another route. But past theme nights have been big hits, so let’s keep that car on the road.